DIEGO, International SAP Recruiter & Business Manager, MADRID

Could you briefly present your profile ?

Hello, my name is Diego, I’m 28 years old. I’ve been working at Pixie for 4 years as an International SAP Recruiter & Business Manager in the Madrid Office.

What are your main functions and responsibilities within Pixie?

The Business Development Manager role is key for the company: we work alongside with our clients, detecting needs, evaluating profiles and managing hiring for projects.

What did you do before joining Pixie?

After finishing my studies in Sociology, I did a master’s degree in business management to get a better overview of the business world. There, I did an internship in a company within the energy sector and after 6 months I started a personal project within a team to create a job portal for profiles of the service sector.

What made you apply to Pixie's vacancy? What convinced you to join the journey during the recruitment process?

I was really attracted to this idea of being the intermediary between the people looking for a job and the companies in need of niche candidates (as was the business model of the start-up we were creating for 6 months). I wanted to explore this Business to Business world more deeply and deliver the best quality service to my clients. So when I discovered a company as solid as Pixie, I decided to apply for the position.

What was your first impression when becoming part of the company? What allows you to fully develop yourself within Pixie?

Honestly it has exceeded my expectations!
I thought it was a young and dynamic company where I could develop my career as a BDM, and I have definitely found a stable company, with constant growth, where every action adds up and where, thanks to the team, the everyday life is very simple.

If you had to choose only two qualities that would characterize your future co-workers, what would you say and why?

Consistency is very important to start a job like this, and companionship, to fully integrate into a team that will accompany you from day one in your progress.

Could you summarize your experience with Pixie in ONE word and explain why?

Unique, because at Pixie we are constantly growing and learning.