Ségolène, Sourcer, PARIS

Could you briefly present your profile ?

Hello, I’m Ségolène, I’m 27 years old and I’ve been working as an IT Sourcing Specialist in Paris for almost two years.

What are your main functions and responsibilities within Pixie?

My role is to find the consultant that meet our clients’ needs.

This involves searching for candidates using different tools, directly approach them, then qualifying their profiles over the phone and finally following up with an “after-care” during their projects.

What did you do before joining Pixie?

After studying Language Sciences, I had my first professional experience as Operations Manager in a tourism event company where I was in charge of organizing weekly events.

What made you apply to Pixie's vacancy? What convinced you to join the journey during the recruitment process?

The daily challenge, the multi-tasking role and the diversified functions were really important to me to have a successful career reorientation.

What was your first impression when becoming part of the company? What allows you to fully develop yourself within Pixie?

Indeed, very positive first impression.

Today, the large number of people with whom I can exchange ideas, the variety of functions within my role and my colleagues contribute fully to my development at Pixie.

If you had to choose only two qualities that would characterize your future co-workers, what would you say and why?

Flexibility and Team Spirit

Could you summarize your experience with Pixie in ONE word and explain why?


There are no such thing as typical days and you must face a lot of different situation and find solutions in each case.